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Guest jluntz

GE dishwaser drains intermittently

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My GE diswasher only drains some times. When it does, it empties with normal flow rate. When it doesn't, nothing.

I read up on Drainology and looked under the hood, and what I see happening is that the flow diverter solenoid fires every time. The little while plastic linkage that the solenoid pulls along rotates just fine, but when it drain actually works, and the water flow kicks in (about 1/2 second after the solenoid fires), the little white plastic linkage gets pulled an extra 10 degrees of rotation PAST where the solenoid pulls it, leaving the solenoid behind as if the flowing water pulls it along past where the solenoid goes.

When the drain doesn't flow, the white thingie gets pulled down by the solenoid, but it doesn't go the extra 10 degrees. I really don't think it's a burnt solenoid, because if I try to pull the white thingie the extra 10 degrees by hand, it doesn't go anywhere - it's really rigid.

The intermittency is strange as well. I can leave the cycle timer in a position where the drain should go, and flip the door lock lever open and closed, and sometimes the drain kicks in, and sometimes it doesn't (but the solenoid fires every time). It's about a 10 or 20% hit rate (not good enough to run the dishes anyway - usually dirty water left over) I also don't think it's the pump since the water flies around inside every time (I verified that by faking the door switch and getting a face full of water).

I'm thinking that it might be just gookus in the gizmo but the fact that it either kicks in completely on or completely not basically at random makes me think it may not be.

I'd like to get this fixed soon since my wife is making me do a lot of dishes by hand and I'm too stubborn to call the repairman.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

There are a few model-specific causes of drain problems but I'd need your model number.

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