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John K

Maytag Stacked Washing & Dryer #MLE2000AYW

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I can not get my washer to spin!  It will go through the cycle but will not spin and when the load is finished it is still soaked with water.


Any help?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Is your door lock light coming on?  I fit is, is your unit spinning slowly in the spin cycle, or does it just tumble wash all the way till the end?

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Hi, I also have a Maytag Neptune MLE2000AYW that won't spin.

It goes throught the whole rest of all the cycles though.  The Locked light comes on and stays on.  When it should be spinning, it does keep running.  It keeps pumping some water out every once in a while.  And it tumbles intermittently during the spin time.  It just doesn't really spin the water out of the clothes.  I've even tried with the Max Extract on and off.  And I've tried every cycle; delicate, permpress, and regular.  Usually at the end of a Max Extract with socks, sheets, or towels, they'll all be plastered at the back of the tub all the way around the perimiter of the tub.  Now, they're all just fluffed up in the bottom and the bottom layer is dripping wet.

The last successfully spun out load was before the DH probably overloaded it.  He's not admitting anything, but I came home to a huge load of comforter and other stuff in the dryer, and he's saying it "mysteriously" didn't spin.  

I don't have the parts diagram, but there was a wiring diagram in the part of the washer top/front that I could get off.  I can get into the Front under the Washer Door.  There's no obvious bits of machinery or burned up belt lying around.  Actually, I couldn't even see a belt from the front.  It's probably back farther behind the tub than I could see without taking more parts off, or the back.  But, the critter is heavy and I would need aformentioned DH's help to move it.  Would rather not give him the satisfaction. 

I cannot figure out how to get into the area of the controlls under the dryer / above the washer. 


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