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Freezer coil frozen up only in corner

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After reading various post and concluding that Ihad a defrost problem, a new timer, a new thermostat, and wishful thinking failed to fix the lack of my refrigerator/freezer producing enough cold. Futher investigation suggest that my problem is something other than a defrost issue. Another post from TNhunter, Jul 2, sounds similar however I do not have the heat issue. My freezer coil frost/freezes up in the upper corner while the rest of the coil is bearly cool. (I'm guessing the remainder of the coil's coolness is due to the ambient temp of the freezer compartment and not from freon). Both the fan in the freezer compartment and under the refrigerator are running. Feeling around base on all four sides, there are no warm spots. The air blowing out the front and rear vents is room temperature. The compressor coil is clean. The resistance of the calrod element is 23 ohms. The compressor is working (maybe half-hearted) since frost will build up after melting the frozen section with a hair dryer. This unit is 14 years old.

Is this a 'low on freon' problem (wishful thinking) or a more serious problem where I need to be doing wishful shopping?

My deep freeze died last week and based upon the burnt rubber smell, I'm assuming that this one is dead but that is another topic.

Attached below is a picture of the frozen coil. The fan is turning dispite the stop-action of the camera.


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You have a sealed system problem, either a bad compressor or low on freon.  See if it is under warranty as this will be a very expensive repair.  This compressor should have a 5 year warrant but look in your use and care book to see if this is so., may be longer with KA.  This frost pattern looks like a compressor problem but you will have to have a professional check this out.

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