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Hotpoint dishwasher: inconsistent filling

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Hi, I've got a Hotpoint dishwasher (HDA2220Z05BB) that is not filling up with enough water. It's not consistent. Sometimes a cycle wont fill at all. Other times there will be some water, but usually about half of what it should be. I've pulled off the float switch assembly as well as the inlet valve. The switch tests good and inlet valve screen is not clogged up. The other clue that I have is that when I hear the solenoid close the flap after a drain cycle, I can force the fill to start by applying backwards pressure on the control knob. Sometimes it stops as soon as I release the knob, other times it will continue on it's own.

Is my timer assembly bad or is it more likely to be the inlet valve? Any thoughts?

My next check was going to be hooking the valve back up to the water source and then measure the water output when I applied 120v directly to the inlet valve.

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First,  you are going to damage your timer by putting back pressure on the knob.   Your dishwasher is time fill, how much water enters in that time depends on the fill valve and water pressure to the valve.  I would suspect you have a fill valve that is going bad, but to be sure see if there is voltage to the valve during the fill cycle.  If voltage is present you know the valve is going bad.

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