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Spin/Agitate together, spin plunger won't reset, Kenmore belt drive

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Kenmore model 110.82372120

I replaced the wig-wag and plungers on this washer several weeks ago and I have noticed that it spins and agitates simultaneously after that work, never before. Last night I got down and watched the wig-wag work its magic while running it through a few cycles. From observing said magic, I learned what is happening, just don't know what my next steps are.

If I manually move the plunger on the spin coil to the "down" (or out) position (while also ensuring the cam/glide bar is in correct position), it agitates like normal. The washer cycles through everything fine for that load, but on the next load it will not reset the plunger to the "down" position, causing it to spin and agitate at the same time when it should just be agitating. Movement on the agitate coil is normal.

Long and short of it: Spin coil plunger works fine to shift into spin, but doesn't shift back out.

What do I do now? Suggestions, anyone?

Josh  :shock:

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I would normally say a bad or bent plunger but you say you replaced wig-wag and plungers.

Did you infact install both new plungers with new plastic guide inserts and new pins?

If you did then about the only other problem could be a bad spin cam bar, the transistion from up to down in the slot has gotten buggered up so plunger can't drop smoothly. Or, if you for some reason thought the plungers should be lubed and put some kind of heavy grease on it so now it is sticking up in the coil guide area when power to coil is turned off.

The plungers should slide real smooth up and down, they should be able to drop down on there own when power is turned off to coil.

Check also to see that the new plunger for the spin cam bar has not became bent from a jammed up spin cam bar.

William Burk (Willie)

Willie's Budget Appliance Repair

Eureka, CA 95501

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hello - i have this problem too - i replaced the wigwag and now it spins and agitates together in the wash cycle - also one of the plungers (the rince one i think) appears to be stuck in the upper slot - did you ever find a solution to your problem?

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Going to close this thread as it is an old unsecure one, please register and repost your question.... ;)

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