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dishonourable F&P Smartdrive not being so smart

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Oh sensei can you please help this unhappy grasshopper?

I have a dishonourable F&P notso Smartdrive9 Model No.GW609NZ

that will not perform its functions. It displays error code

off off on off on off on on

Can you please help me put my washing machine back on the road to enlightenment, so I have to nolonger beat a path to the laundromat.:(

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

you have fault code 43 which is an out of balance switch problem. It is most likely the switch itself that is faulty. You need a field fix kit part number 420313p from any F&P service centre cost about $30.00. There is an instruction sheet in the kit with details of how to fit it. It is not a difficult job .  Good luck


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:) Thank you, I have just replaced the part and my wayward washer is now working again.

Many kind regards and thank you again

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Master, would you please piont me in the right direction. I have 2 F&P machines both broken I have read the error code from the panel of both and unsure of which one to fix - 

Smartdrive603,GW603-u error = 00110010 (i think its broken cold water inlet valve)

the other is

Excellence6.5 Smartdrive9 GW609-AU error 00111110 (this machine just stops lights go out)

currently they are not plugged in to the water mains, they are sitting out the backyard. dunno if that effects the error codes.

What are the errors and which one would be the best to fix?



P.S. Can some one email me the tech sheet with the error codes.



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