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amana refrigerator won't cool properly

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recently bought a used amana model SXD25AL as a spare to put out in the garage for extra drinks and such. Initially , would not cool properly- checked out coil- very filty- cleaned out put box back in service and for 2 days,it was working great- Freezer temp was -5* food temp was 36*. Yesterday, put on a new door gasket to replace bad one and now unit will not cool at all in the food side.Damper is open for air to come into the food section, but there does not seem to be much coming through. Freezer side is still getting cold. Also,can not get it to cycle on and off the defrost mode by pushing in on the door light 5 times in 6 sec . I tested this 2 days ago and it worked as I had read on this forum. I am stumped as to what happened when I changed the door gasket to make the unit stop performing. Please advise- the beer is getting hotter by the minute. Thanks

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

you may have a defrost problem. You need to unload youre freezer of all food and take panel off to expose youre evaporator coils. After running youre frig for several days you would see a gradual decrease in frig temps and freezer temps. This is usually a defrost problem that can be corrected with little expense$$.   Youre coils well have a buildup of ice on them.  Defrost these with a blow dryer(make sure you unplug frig of course) then you would need to determine if youre heaters are bad. You will  find youre heater once you have defrosted coils.

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