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Fisher & Paykel Eco-Smart

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F & P eco smart model # GWL11US.

Just returned from vacation, plugged it in and imediately greeted with constant steady 1 second beeps and LED's lit up in this pattern - OFF OFF ON ON OFF OFF OFF ON. When I press wash progress arrow the beeping stops but the lights stay on. When I press Start Button - all lights go off and Lid Locked light comes on. Machine neither starts nor is lid actually locked.  Machine will not respond to any other commands.  Must admit had a little back-up problem night before I left but it was the septic and not the machine. My drain pipe backed up into the laundry room. I put machine on pause and then let it finish its cycles emptying into a 5 gal container. Then I turned off water and unplugged machine, finished packing and left for a week.   ANY ideas what is wrong?? Thanks!!!!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

you have fault code 49.

this relates to the cold inlet valve and quite possibly the main controller. First step is to check the resistance of both valves. They should be 65 ohms + or - a couple. If the valve is faulty replace it and try the machine. If the fault is still there you will need to fit a new controller and I would suggest doing the hot valve as well. Be aware that the hot and cold valves are different but the coils have the same resistance.

Sorry my F&P CD doesn't have US parts on it to give you the part numbers but I will try and get them from the web and post them here for you shortly.

Ok so the cold valve is 420148  and the hot valve 420147.  Sorry but I can't track a number for the controller from here in NZ.


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