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Kenmore washing machine model # 110.26912691

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Dear Appliance Master,

My washing machine, kenmore model # 110.26912691 had been making a noise that sounds like stripped gears during the spin cycle for about a month before finally totally refusing to do anything except fill and drain.  Due to your expert knowledge, I was able to diagnose and replace a broken coupler.  HOWEVER, now everything is normal UNTIL the water begins to drain.  Previously, the water would drain from the tub before it would start spinning.  Now, it attempts to spin at the beginning of the drain cycle.  While it is doing this, the stripped gear noise is more pronounced and the agitator acts as if the brake is trying to kick in entermittantly.  When the real spin cycle kicks in, the tub spins as usual, with the gear noise even louder and the brake kicking in.  I am presently in the position of pulling my very short hair out.  HELP!



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