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Jenn-Air Defrost "tray"?

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We have a 3 year old Jenn Air JCD2389DEW side by side fridge with (what we have now learned from the Samurai) the infamously bad adaptive defrost control board. We had a repair guy out and he told us to defrost the freezer by unplugging it and openning the door, but we wouldn't have to worry about water because there was a tray under the unit that caught all the water. When I moved the unit, there was substantial damage to the hardwood floor from WATER. Upon further inspection, there seems to be a tray that is under the right hand side of the unit, but not under the left hand side (freezer) part of the unit. As it is defrosting by itself, water is leaking all over the floor and is being quickly absorbed by towels. My question is: Is there supposed to be a tray that collects the water?

I was also wondering if this adaptive defrost control board (ADCB) is covered under the 5 year warranty? The repair guy said, "no." but...

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Way I interpret the drawing, the pan (item 16) should be on the beer side near the back. Tube (item 7) should point right into it.

The board may have a part-only warranty for longer than the standard one year, although I'd be surprised if it was more than two. Check the user manual that came with your box.

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