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On Preventing Trouble

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Several of the good people who post here e-mailed me privately with very good advice on avoiding trouble in the first place. Local repair-persons gave similar hints. I think a couple are worth repeating:

1. Features you don't need are extra problems waiting to happen. Do you NEED your appliance to have extra bells and whistles like computer controls? If not, they are simplay additional expensive problems waiting in the wings. Knobs, switches and contactors, on the other hand, are easy to trouble-shoot if they DO fail, and cheap and easy to replace.

2. Cheap rubber hoses are for gardens. Anything carrying water inside the house should be braided stainless. It's extremely cheap flood insurance.

3. Do periodic simple maintenance. Clean filters, lint traps, refrigerator and ircon heat exchangers, etc., rtegularly.

4. Do not buy the cheapest variety of anything. Cheap means cheap.

5. Do not buy the most expensive variety of anything. Expensive (external) design usually means "I have too much money. Would you relieve me of some, please?"

6. Before you make a major purchase, talk to folks who know about the products available.

Thanks again, Sensei and friends!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Thanks, this will hopefully help others make wise decisions!!!  ;)

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