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Whirlpool D/D - Spins slowly under heavy load

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Well, I replaced the drive block, and the machine still spins "slowly" under a heavy load of clothes - I've de-greased the clutch, do the white pads on the slip ring "wear out" and need to be replaced?

If so, are the pads available separately or is it a kit with the ring, spring and other parts?


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The white pads dont really wear out they can get glazed and so can the clutch lining itself .... Your best best if you do not want to buy another clutch is do the following:

remove washer shell .. revove agitator and bolt ...  pull the motor assembly ...drop the trans assembly

(ya been here before !! ) 

remove the clutch pad inside ...

the pad should be white ... if its discolored sand paper it till its white and then its smooth and white... and if its really smooth take it outside on the concrete and just scrape it up real quick    (lol old whirlpool techs will remember this with the snubber )

Sand the inside of the clutch lining with sandpaper  any kind will do  and then wipe it out with windex  not a degreaser  ... reinstall the clutch pad w/ spring and put everything back together.....


with the tub empty when ya first put the unit in spin if ya hold and and whip it back the other way from the way it normally spins it should grab and then take off into spin... You already did a drive block so ya had the tub pulled so I dont see that anything would be in the tub or something like that ...


Try this is ya dont want to buy a new clutch ... I have never had a weak spring on the clutch... also when the trans is dropped maked sure that ya can spin the bastet drive  ... the white arm above the clutch and make sure that that basket drive is pushed up all the way when ya spin it .....  when ya put the trans clutch assembly back up into the the basketdrive   make sure the arm for the basket drive is on one end   .... I always make it furthest away from me  ..... and the spring for the clutch is  lined up on the other side ( closest to me )  .... after bolting the transmission back in with the three bolts     turn the clutch as you look at it to the left or clockwise and you will then hear a click and you know the clutch and the basketdrive are locked in properly !!!! Strange trick but I live by it    .... then put it in spin and do the trick I told ya by throwing the basket the other way while ya start the unit  .....

After this ya should be doing great  ..... Let us know  



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I've made sure of the positioniong with the basket drive cam in relation to the spring in the clutch...

I will definitely try roughing up the clutch pads, and windex on the clutch drum. I never thought about using Windex since it has silicone in it (for non-streakeyness) and would lubricate the pads... But, it can't hurt! I tried brake cleaner on it, with limited success...


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I would remove the spin tube(basket drive) and put a light coating of grease on the outer tube.

Part #3953062 is for the original 6 pad clutch, and it's cheaper than the new modle. I like to use the 6 pad clutch, it seems to last longer and spin better.


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