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Kenmore S X S 10653606201 air diffuser again

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Well, using the stick pen in the louver worked for a couple of days but this morning had no air flow. Thinking the duct had an ice blockage, opened the doors with the breaker off to let it warm up for two hours with a large fan running in front of it. There was a little water around the louver which I dried up. Kicked the breaker back on, but no air flow by slapping the unit or otherwise. Air flow still good in freezer. Powered back off. Thought my best bet would be to remove the unit. Took out the two screws in the diagram which exposed the wiring and allowed me to take the cover off. From there I am stuck. Is there a hinge to depress or another screw or screws I am missing? The unit resides inside of a block of styrofoam which I don't want to chance breaking. My thoughts were to take the unit out of the system and regulate the air flow with duct tape. By the way, I did add the thermistor to the order as suggested, but still looks as though I am at least a week or more away from getting parts. Both parts are backordered and I do not think it wise to replace one without the other anyway. Hate to have to go back to the ice chests if it can be avoided.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


Apologies for the size of the pic - what you need to do is remove item 4, then you'll see the other side of the diffuser. There are four plastic "hooks" that snap in, you need to disengage these to let the diffuser slide out on the beer side.


See what I mean?

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