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Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer DD601v2

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Hi everyone! I have just worked out that my Fisher & Paykel DD has been using the main detergent holder only.

This causes the main detergent to be used up in the pre-wash leaving none left for the main cycle. I suspect its probably a jammed valve directing all the water to the main wash detergent holder and not the pre-wash holder during the pre-wash.

How do you get access to the inside of the DD? I think you’re meant to grip the locking tabs on the sides & pull them out, I tried that but I stop when I nearly broke the first tab I tried removing.

The repairman but can only schedule to come around in 2 weeks. Meanwhile any suggestion would be most welcome.

Let me also say this is an excellent site!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Turn the tabs so the inner ridge is verticle.  Then, using the pliers on the Leatherman Wave (works the best) carefully and steadily tug the pin out on each side.  Once the pins are out, the front panel swings out from the bottom and then pulls down to unhook from the top.  There you are.

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