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Bosch Dishwasher SGV4313GB/17 FD 8011

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Hello All,

New to forum, so

yesterday rotating arm got stuck on lower basket and caused some flooding, switched power off at mains before opening door, sorted prob and then closed door and machine started at the end of prog it kept trying to drain for 2-3 hrs.

Checked user manual and tried to do reset which seemed to work, prog got to end after 1 min of reset, 2 audible beeps which normally signals end but the drain pump just wants to keep on running..

It is a built-in / built under dishwasher and is around about 3.5 years old.

Thanks in advance Haggag01



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Empty the DW, pull it forward out of the cavity, place a towel in front and tip it forward.  Water should drain out of the base.  Make sure the towel is under the front feet so it doesnt damage the floor and get it on a 45' angle.  Put it through a couple of cycles and let us know if it is still draining for too long.:drowning:

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it works, pulled dw out tilted to 45 degree about a litre of water came out, placed upright and switched on, drain pump did not come on :D..... started a couple of cycles and then did the prog reset and all came to an end of cycle correctly, i have put it on for a full cycle and will be emptying it in about an hr.

1. last ??? what was the prob with the dw...

many many thanks        Haggag01


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