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Dryer Works Sporadically...suspect motor

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Kenmore. 110.96590140.

Hi, my dryer was working great until recently. I noticed a strange buzz and then the dryer stopped working. I cleaned the lint tray and removed most of the clothes from the dryer. It worked for about 5 min. & then shut off. The timer was still on and after about 5 min., the dryer kicked on again automatically.

Eventually, the dryer stopped working. I was able to get to the motor. I removed all lint inside the cabinet, around the motor, etc... I also removed the belt from the Idler Bracket. I then simulated tension on the Idler Bracket the belt would do by raising the Idler Bracket to flip the switch and the motor started. After about 10 seconds, I released the Idler Bracket and the motor stopped. Again, I simulated tension the belt would have on the Idler Bracket but this time the motor froze. I heard the motor humming like it wanted to turn but couldn't. It's as if something was jammed in the motor. After a few repeated incidents of attempting to get turn the motor over, the motor didn't even hum, just silence.

After waiting a bit, I could repeat the entire cycle again (motor runs, motor locks, motor silence). Does this sound like a motor problem to you? There is a pluggable motor switch that I suspect could also be the problem but I really think it's the motor. Thanks!

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Diffinitely sounds like bad motor bearings freezing up after running and heating motor up from to much drag in bearings.

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William Burk (Willie)

Willie's Budget Appliance Repair

Eureka, CA 95501

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