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I opened my Ultrawash Kenmore Dishwasher door early in cycle, won't start

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 Dear all,

We just moved into our condo and I think our dishwasher is pretty new because the previous owner remodeled the kitchen and put the dishwasher in to help sell it. I started the Kenmore dishwasher on Normal Wash, and then opened the door a few minutes afterwards to put a dish in that I forgot. I thought the cycle completed but it just stopped with some water that did not drain. I tried resetting the cycle with the knob but the dishwasher won't start. I can't find the manual.

In my parent's old GE dishwasher (1990's), all the time we used to in the early cycle open the door and add dishes and the cycle would continue as normal, in newer models is there some safety switch that shuts it off or something? Am I not supposed to open the dishwasher door in the middle of a cycle?


Model # & other info:

White Kenmore 24 in. Built-In UltraWash™ Dishwasher w/TrueHold™ Door

Sears item #02216992000 Mfr. model #16992


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Check for power to the unit, check cicuit breaker, check GFI (ground fault interupter )on all outlets, opening and closing the D/w shouldn't have effected the unit at all with the exception that when you opened the door water might have splashed up on the door switch causing the GFI to trip. But seeing that you just installed it I would check your connection at the junction box which is underneath the unit where the power cord runs to, take off the little box and check those wire connectors.


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Do not see the valid model number listed in here, would be 3 numbers then a . then 7-8 more numbers please.

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