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Whirlpool refrigerator leaks

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Whirlpool refrigerator model no. ET19RKXGW00 (mfg. date 3/98) accumulates water under the crisper drawers, which sometimes freezes, and leaks onto the floor.  This has been going on for sometime now.  Both the refrigerator and freezer compartments are in working order.  I have brushed and vacuumed the coils on the bottom front of the unit and removed the back plate at the bottom and vacuumed there as well.  I also removed the freezer back and bottom and removed the glacier of ice that had formed there.  I have made sure to move food items away from vents for circulation.  I have checked the level of the unit.  I wiped down the gaskets.  The control dials are set at 3.  I never hear any clicking and the unit seems to be always running.  My drain tray (bottom right) is dry.  I cannot find a drain cup or hose to clean and there is a nub(?) on the bottom right side in the back behind the drawer that is for I don't know what.  Is it time to punt?

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Check the lower rear of the freezer, there is a drain there. You have the classic symptoms of a blocked drain. This may also help....


This is Whirlpool part number 819043, and fits around the defrost heater. It goes down into the drain and gets a little heat into it to stop it freezing over. If your problem persists, you can fit this. Whirlpool built top-freezer models seem to be very prone to this issue.

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