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Builtin oven venting and fan noise

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This is not a repair question exactly, but a request for info from the repair folks, or others with an opinion. Apologies if the post is misplaced...

I am considering a kitchen remodel, and I am thinking about getting a double built-in oven (dacor and maytag stick out as they claim to be made in USA).

My main concern is the fact that most built-in ovens (of all brands) seem to vent into the kitchen:

1) There is a fan noise that folks often complain about on several online oven reviews. It is so prevalent that I wonder if those products whose reviews do not mention it are maybe written by people who are used to noisy kitchens. Do all ovens do this?

2) There is also the concern of adding heat to the kitchen via this venting. I have heard one Texan complaion about the added heat in the summer.

In my remodel, I am willing to put in a vent to the outside for the ovens, but I haven't seen any that would use it. Does anyone know of any builtins that will vent to the outside?

My other concern is one of dependability. Any advice from repair folks about which ovens are solidly built, easy to repair. Maybe it is sily to ask repair folks which ovens work well, as you most often get to see those that don't work well.

Also will be looking into builtin microwave and dishwasher, if budget will allow.

All advice is appreciated.


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