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KitchenAid: Built in microwave oven combo - microwave stopped working.

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This is a built-in KitchenAid microwave/oven combo that was installed in '97.

Oven model#: KEMI301bwh0

Microwave model#: 3183568B (sticker on back of microwave) or fse5014198 (sticker on inside of microwave)

About a year ago the microwave started to sound funny when cooking. It would sometimes become quieter, almost a low hum, and the carousel appeared to slow down. Then it would speed back up and it would sound normal. Eventually it always had the low, strange, humming noise and then about 6 months ago it quit working altogether. The stove still works and the control panel still works, both the microwave and oven control panel. I removed the screws, disconnected the set of wires going to the stove and the set of wires going to the microwave and removed the microwave. I took out the fuse, Buss type G (sc-20), and reconnected the microwave electircal and the control panel no longer worked. Put the fuse back in and the control panel again works. That's as far as I got for troubleshooting. It's something else in da microwave apparently. I dunno. :?

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out the best route to take at this point.

A) Can I troubleshoot and fix the microwave myself?

B) Should I pay $55 plus parts and labor to have a tech come out and fix it?

C) It is possible to just replace the microwave with a brand new one and reconnect the control panel to it? If a microwave exists that can be hooked up to the current control panel and fit properly, how difficult is it to hook it up to the control panel?

D) Should I just say to hell with it and buy a counter top microwave and use my broken microwave for storing my collection of Elvis bobble heads?

E) Another option?



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