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Gas Hot Water Heater Leaking

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Very strange thing.  Yesterday, the carpet in a bedroom was wet in a certain area.  Traced it back to the base of the hot water heater right next to the adjoining wall (hot water heater in laundry room). There was rusty water at the base of the hot water heater.  I cleaned it up and noticed a small drip coming off one of the base legs of the heater.  Wouldn't stop, so I drained the entire tank.

Before calling the plumber this morning, I decided to fill it back up again to see what would happen.  So far - no leaks. 

Also, I can't tell where the overflow pipe goes from the t&p valve - must go outside.

Anyway, things "seem" to be fine, but what do you folks think?  It is a Saturday, and I did have lots of folks here for Christmas.  Maybe it overheated somehow?  I turned the temp down (it was up to basically the hottest setting).

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

could be that the tank rusted out at the bottom  ...  common problem ..

older water heaters used to be rated for 6 or 8 years, and they lasted 12 or more years ..

The manufactures figured that out, and now the "newer" water heaters now only last 6 or 8 years ..

Also depends on what type of water you have ... city water, well water, etc ..

how old it it ?


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The serial number appears to say 1996, which would put it at the end of its useful life, I suppose.  I thought it was rusting out from the bottom too, but if that's the case, why is it running just fine after I drained it?

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a piece of rust may have lodged in the "leak" .. ?

The Drain Valve may have been leaking ..

The T&P Valve may have been leaking ..

(take a closer look)

either way ... may be time to start looking at replacement options ..


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I am thinking more of the drain valve leaking.  The water appeared to be coming from somewhere near there.  Is it possible that something could cause that valve to leak out of the blue without some other underlying problem? Regardless, I will have it checked out.

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