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GE SmartWater SmartShield PG50T090AVH00 Pilot

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I have a GE SmartWater (why do they use the same for heaters, softeners, dishwashers, etc -- makes searching real difficult!:X) Model: PG50T09AVH00 that was installed September 2005. 

It is installed in the attic.

A few days ago, we had a bad storm and the pilot went out.  (Don't know if it is related, but I have heard of high winds causing a vacuum and putting the pilot out).  I went up into the attic and the pilot re-lit with that piezo-electric starter thingy.  The water heated fine, but after the cycle, the pilot went back out. 

I have repeated the process at least five times now -- and I can get the main burner lit each time -- but when it goes out, the pilot goes out also.

Based on the my research, I'm thinking its probably the pilot valve assembly.  I assume that if the thermocouple was bad, it would shutdown the main burner also?

How difficult a job is it to replace the valve assembly (or whatever needs replacing)? I'm fairly handy, but have not worked much with gas appliances.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I haven't looked at any diagrams, yet, but,

is the Pilot Flame large enough to fully surround the Thermocouple nicely ?

(dirty Orifice) ?


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Thanks for the quick reply.  Unfortunately, I cannot see very well into the viewport -- its blocked by a/c ductwork.  I can see the "glow" when the main is lit, but cannot get into position to actually see the pilot :(.

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Now I can't get the pilot to light at all. 

I called the "help" line and they suggested I check the air flow -- blocked air intake at the bottom of the heater and plugged stack.  Air flow appears to be fine.  As a matter of fact, when I checked it the main burner was still lit and I could feel the hot (really hot - ouch) discharge gas leaving the top of the heater into the stack.

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