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Problems with Sub-Zero 680/S

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I've had about 6 years of issues with our fridge. First, the freezer kept forming ice on the unit's cooling mechanism. The defroster wouldn't turn on, and I had to melt the ice on the metal fins to get the freezer to get cold. After a couple unsuccessful visits from the SZ appliance man, he finally replaced the control board, and the freezer worked fine. However, about a year later, the freezer began getting warm again. Now, the ice was forming on the sides of the freezer, not on the cooling unit itself. During the summer, when it's humid, or if the freezer door's open for a long time, the problem is much worse. For the last 4 years or so, the repairman came out, checked the connections, replaced a warming coil, replaced another control board, all without success. I finally went to the dealer, and inquired about a new SZ. The salesman was curious why I'd replace a 10 year old fridge, and he said the problem was with a leak in the system. He suggested I check the door seal, and, sure enough, it was shredded. He came out, replaced the seal, found that the drip tray wasn't aligned properly and was tilting away from the drainage hole. He aligned the tray, and said that it should be fixed.

Unfortunately, the freezer still warms up. The ice still forms on the side, and blocks the fan from spinning. While it's better now (I have to remove all the freezer contents, unscrew the panel, chop the ice from around the fan 1-2 times a day now, vs. 3-4 before). I'm about to lose my mind, as it's been a major hassle for me, although I've gotten used to it. I'd prefer not to replace it.

I've called Sub-Zero customer service - they had a tech go over the unit via phone with the repairman, but they don't seem to have helped. They didn't even think to check or think of a leak as an issue.

I did some searching on this forum, and it seems that a leaky evaporator may be the problem. Is this the case? How should I go about getting this nightmare resolved?


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Does the Defrost Heater work ?

What's the frost pattern on the Evaporator Coils ?

should be completely, evenly frosted, but not air-clogged

(after the Compressor has been running at least an hour)


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those things have several connectors piggy backed on the heater circuit. its most likely a loose connection on one of these connectors. Since its so intermittent it can really be hard to trace. sealed system leaks are pretty rare in the freezer side.

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