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Maytag Dryer, Model LDE8304ACE, squeaking sound

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Dryer is approx. 9 years old and now is beginning to squeak when in operation. The dryer doesn't squeak continuously, just sporadically. My problem appears to be similar to this one, , except that I am only hearing a squeak, not a grind.

Do you also recommend that I replace the rollers? If so, do I need the same roller for my model or a different one (here is the roller from the thread referenced above: ).

The dryer has been used a few times since this started. Is it wise to use it, or should we unplug? It was used a few times as I was hoping (wishing?) that maybe this was something that some WD40 might handle, but after reading the post linked above, that may not be the case.

Thank you.

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