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Kenmore 90 series spinning woes...

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the machine was making a ton of noise and doing nothing (no aggitation -- besides mine -- and no spin), so I took it apart and found the broken coupler.  easy enough to fix.

next few loads worked like a charm, then it stopped spinning.

then I held down the lid button and gave the drum a push and got it rolling and it spun that load.

the next few loads worked just fine, then back to not spinning ... still seems to aggitate fine.

it will spin if I use the push-start method on the drum to get it going at first, then it's fine (literally just a quick push around and it gets started).

seems odd to me... I'm of a broke-or-not kind of logic.  this half-broken stuff confuses me!

thank you so much for this site, it is truly been a big help to me...




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Might be the clutch/break system above the tranny is going bad or the drive block is worn out that the spin basket sets on. The coupler plastic half's also might not be all of the way onto the shafts putting a bind on the whole system, also make sure all 4 rubber motor grommets are still there..

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