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GE Icemaker Problems

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Well where do I start ??  Brand new (in 2001) GE fridge (GS22JEMDWW) has given icemaker problems from the very start.  Called GE tech first time for partial cubes / ice chips / frozen globs in icemaker.  He came out and replaced a part (not sure what) and mentioned that most of my problems were due to "low water line pressure".  We have a brand new house with new lines and 50PSI of pressure.  After 3 months of dealing with the same problems as before, we began finding plastic pieces of the bucket and / or auger.  Called GE again.  Different Tech came out this time and said the first guy didn't know what he was doing (imagine that).  He told me that GE had a "new" bucket assembly that would cure all of our ailments. He also stated that the previous bucket was the wrong part and it must have been done by the factory during assembly.  He also put in a new control board.  Two days later our new "retrofit" bucket arrived.  The only difference in the old and new buckets was that the new bucket didn't have any broken pieces !  Well, I changed out the bucket and we continued to put up with the hollow cubes and ice chips (who needs the crusher?). About a year ago I got motivated and sent GE a nasty letter and low and behold they replied with an additional warranty year on the icemaker !!  Of course, they can't fix it anyway !!

Which brings me to my most recent problem. I got some ice the other day and found a black circular rubber piece in my soda. I investigated and realized that it came from inside the dispenser portion of the door and attaches to a white plastic piece that appears to be hinged. I put the rubber seal back on and everything seemed to be back to normal.  Yeah, my mistake.  Now the seal doesn't close properly.  There seems to be some mechanism that shuts it on a delay.  It tries to close but doesn't seal and now the chute fills with frost and of course that is just enough to clog the chute every three days.

The warranty that they so generously extended has come and gone again. Other than demolition or dynamite, can you suggest where I might start looking to possibly get a fix on this?  Any help you offer would be most appreciated.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

   You have the same fridge and problem as this guy. The black thing was your "chute door".  It's attached to your rusty chute door solenoid.  The same advice applies. 

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