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Kenmore Gas Oven Overheating

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Oh Master, please enlighten me:


My Kenmore (model 362.7271192) gas range does not always shut off the oven when I turn off the front panel oven control (thermostat to off).  Also, I believe that when you set a certain temperature, say 350 degrees, the oven keeps heating way beyond that as it does not stop heating.


Sometimes, it does work ok, sometimes not.  The oven gets really, really hot!  Wife is afraid to use it now because of potential fire hazard.  :yikes:


I have taken the thermostat out and ohmmed it out, but it seems to work fine...when its cold.


Is the most likely cause the front control Thermostat (WB20K8) or maybe the Gas Valve (WB19K13) or something else?


I can change these parts, but would like to know more about how they operate, rather than just shot-gunning them out.

I do have the block diagram and electrical schematic and can post if you need it.


Thank you!



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Sounds like your thermostat is working outside of it's designed temp ranges. The thermostats on these(kenmore 362= General Electric) are pretty junky, they fail alot. I would start by replacing the thermostat.


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Here's the direct link to the replacement thermostat, CLICK HERE.

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