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Several months ago I noticed water dripping from the bottom freezer gasket. I removed everything from the freezer and removed the back panel. I had a lot of ice in the coils, and a lot of ice above the coils. It seems like the ice maker has been leaking and freezing under and behind the ice maker and and dripping down into the coils, as the ice was connected all the way from under the ice maker through the coils.

I turned off the water supply and took a blow dryer to it and melted away all of the ice. It took about 45 minutes to remove it all.

It seems like the defroster is working as I can hear a sizzling noise around the location of it sometimes when the compressor is not running. And it's this dripping water that sometimes leaks from the bottom of the freezer seal. There is a very small bit of frost on part of the back panel. A very, very small amount that can be easily removed with a finger nail.

I don't understand how the water is supposed to funnel into the drain hole. It strikes me that the water should be directed to the hole or that the water should be corralled around the hole. The design indicates that a lot of the runoff would miss the drain in the best of conditions.

So maybe the drain hole is partially clogged too. I can't locate the drain pan to see if it's dry or not. Couldn't see it from behind, and I surely can't get to it from the front. If the drain is frozen, I'm not quite sure how to melt this ice without damaging the drain.

When I removed the inside back panel of the freezer I noticed that there is black tubing that runs along the side of the coils and connects to the bottom coil. There is about a one foot section of this tubing missing that has been taped up in a sort of cylindrical fashion to connect the two cut ends. I'm not sure what this tubing is but I assume it carries water. I'm not sure why it's connected to the bottom coil and what would keep it from freezing up. I have pictures of this tubing if my description was not clear.

I also noticed that the bottom door seal on the refrigerator door is torn up and needs to be replaced, but have no idea how to remove/reinstall this seal.

As of this writing I still use this unit but have the water turned off. I'm not sure if it's worth the money to do these repairs of if it would be cheaper to purchase another used one. I think that I spent $75.00 on this one about a year ago. I'm also not sure if anyone would be willing to take the time to answer all of my concerns.

Thanks in advance.

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The excess frost your seeing is coming from your bad door gasket. To clear your drain just pour HOT water down it until it flows freely down the tube. Once you get to that point put a cap full of bleach down the tube and flush with a little water. This will help kill the bacteria that growing inside.

Don't mess with the tubing, it carries gas and if you puncture it ther unit is dead.

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So the excess frost in the freezer is caused by the bad seal on the refrigerator? I can accept that. How do I replace the seal, and how much should it cost.

How can the tubing carry gas if it's taped? Understand that there is a section of tubing missing where is nothing but this paper like tape. I can't see how this can be under pressure. You'd have to see it to better understand it I guess. You can see a couple of pictures of it at the following address;

I also had low water pressure dispensing from the door. Is there anything in the unit itself that would cause this?

Some of these problems seem to be fairly common. I've looked at a couple of units similar to mine and they all seemed to have some sort of leak from the ice maker and all seems to have ice buildup on the floor of the freezer unit.

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under the tape there is a small copper tube called a capilary. The tape is just there for insulation. also check the flapper door on the dispenser to make sure its shutting properly. If your unit has a water filter start there for your low pressure issue. if your does not have a filter then your water valve needs to be replaced.

for your leaking ice maker. Turn the ice maker itself off and turn the water supply back on. if your problem returns then your water valve is bad if the problem does not come back then your ice maker is bad. your water valve supplies water to the dispenser ad the ice maker. its a common failure but do the test first.

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