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Samsung washer (WF328AA/XAA)

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I am working on a Samsung washer (WF328AAW/XAA) that is giving a 3E/E3 and a bE  error code.    I have only seen the 3E myself.   Keep in mind that I am going behind another company.   I was told that they replaced the Stator. 

When I start the unit with small load of cloths is will start off by adding water and will agitate for a few mins and then 3E.   The agitate is not very smooth. 

 I then put it into spin cycle and it will spin but not even close to high speed.     I noticed the spin time started at 11mins then it would drop to 9min and after 3mins it will then go to up to 10mins.


This is what I get for working on something(Samsung) I don't know much about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The Samsung washer model WF328 had been a source of grief for me until I learned a few details that are not widely known by *anyone*. Even Samsung parts dept folks.

Samsung redesigned the WF328 washer---mid-stride during it's production run.

Models built **after** May 2009 had the DRAIN MOTOR ASSY moved from the rear of the washer to the front panel location.

The STATOR (motor) / ROTOR / HALL EFFECT SENSOR were also changed or redesigned and are NOT interchangeable. I DO NOT have specific/accurate data as to which serial numbers had the original STATOR / ROTOR / HALL SENSOR and which serial numbers got the newer components.

Whenever getting an error "3E"----it is necessary to test the STATOR ASSY from the MAIN BOARD *CN9* plug connector.


Pin 1 to Pin 2 = 11.6 ohms

Pin 1 to Pin 3 = 11.6 ohms

Pin 2 to Pin 3 = 11.6 ohms

If the ohms are "off"---remove the plug connector at the STATOR ASSY and inspect for corrosion or damage (add a small amount of dielectric grease to the plug).

Test the ohms at the STATOR ASSY...

If there's even a slight variation of ohms---replace the STATOR ASSY & HALL EFFECT SENSOR.

You'll absolutely need to contact *Samsung* and provide the full model & serial number so that the CORRECT parts are ordered.

***Be assertive and ask the parts representative at Samsung to quadruple-check that the parts are indeed the correct ones for your customer***

The older STATOR ASSY had the HALL EFFECT SENSOR already on it and was *not* removeable from the STATOR.

The newer STATOR ASSY is a different design and has a different HALL EFFECT SENSOR which is removeable/replaceable as a separate part.

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Domo for posting these pearls of esoteric appliantological wisdom, Master John!

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The Samsung WF328 model washers have been an absolutely unbelieveable nightmare.

There are now 3 known **different** versions.

These are determined by the MODEL NUMBER.

For example:

WF328xxx/XAA: This is the original and is listed in parts look-up as "Version 0000".

This is known as "Version 1".

WF328xxx/XAA 01: This is the SECOND version & is shown in parts look-up as "Version 0001".

WF328xxx/XAA 02: This is the THIRD version listed as "Version 0002".

All official parts lists on these models should be considered **inaccurate** and unreliable.

If a part(s) is needed---contact Samsung directly & provide the *full* model/serial numbers with a request for heavy emphasis on triple checking the correct part number(s) of replacement part(s).

If a "bE/3E" error is found in one these washers:

It's very important to identify whether the HALL SENSOR / STATOR ASSY / or MAIN BOARD is defective.

One of the more common symptoms will be that the washer initially starts the cycle fine until approximately 15 minutes later----the "bE" or "3E" is displayed.

If the error is displayed--turn off the washer and then turn on the washer again.

Select the SPIN only cycle (or RINSE/SPIN) and press "Start".

During ramp-up to high-speed spin---if the tub appears to be "laboring" as if binding and/or an electrical odor is noticed from the STATOR ASSY location (overheating)---turn "off" the washer.

Initiate the QUICK TEST MODE by the following steps:

Press the following buttons at the *same* time (with the washer in the "off" mode):


All the control panel LEDs will light-up & an audible "beep" can be heard.

Within 1 to 3 seconds---the SOFTWARE VERSION of the MAIN BOARD will be displayed in the control panel (numbers).

Following that---the MODEL INFORMATION will be displayed. If **not** the MAIN BOARD has failed.

In some cases an---"EEEE" may be displayed---this too indicates MAIN BOARD failure.

Getting/ordering the **correct** MAIN BOARD is the next difficult step. Once installed,will resolve the "bE" and/or "3E" error.


If the QUICK TEST MODE is able to be performed in it's entirety---then it becomes necessary to verify that the HALL SENSOR and STATOR ASSY is "good".

NOTE: Some Samsung Tech Support staff are only aware of 2 versions of this washer. A few are not even aware that there's more than one.

Parts look-up **cannot** be trusted as accurate for the WF328 model.

Edited by john63

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