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GE Profile - 3 Evaporator Motors & counting

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Hi ... I am the regretful owner of a not so shiny (3 year old), stainless steel (my wife calls it the worst thing she has ever tried to keep clean), overpriced, NOISY pile of metal and plastic, that takes up space in our Kitchen!

There ... I'm feeling better already ;-)

GE Profile Model PDA18LZMAR

Seriously, this thing is on it's 3rd Evaporator Fan motor in 3 years of use!!!

Lousy Evaporator Fan replacement part is WR60M132

Heaven help anyone that runs blind with no extended warranty (aka. service plan) these days!

After seeing the cost to repair this throw away sheet metal excuse for a fridge, I'm convinced they now build intentionally with planned obsolesence in mind. Additionally, the GE Wall Oven I bought at the same time cost over $750.00 to fix (read replace) its electronic front panel, a few months after purchase - but I digress.

What I've been trying to do is find a BETTER replacement evaporator Fan motor for the flimsy, noisy excuses they've been using to date. The last one lasted 18 months until it failed yesterday.

I've called every 800 number Camco and Sears have throw at me and wasted most of today trying! I think I'll fax them an invoice for lost time :)

Any ideas are greatly appreciated for a QUIETER, STURDIER Evaporator Fan Motor:

- replacement part WR60M132

Oh ... and I'm in Canada, if that makes any difference.

I'm now going downstairs to enjoy the peace and quiet of my 30 year old fridge that has never cost me a cent of maintenance and never caused an ounce of grief - still purrs quietly away like a champ! - energuige indeed - horsefeathers!

Thanks in advance!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

ok ... kinda quiet on the response side so I'll bump my post by providing an update:

Fridge is getting hot inside now! :yikes: throwing away ripening food this AM - new Evaporator motor was scheduled for Saturday, but I've got sears coming in Wednesday for an emergency call. I think there's more failing on this pig than just the evap motor.

Asked about their LEMON clause - IMO, this GE piece of *hit qualifies for lemon of the year nomination - big time!

Sears said I have to have 3 identical product service-call out repairs before they will designate it as a lemon.:X

... anyway, shouldn't be too much longer before this dog bites another evaporator motor! thinking positively ... a new fridge is on the horizon.:P

<i>Faith is the subtance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen! </i> lol

You can bet next fridge will NOT BE GE!


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Thanks for the update, but I did not reply because after I looked up the evap motor I did not see any replacement for this motor on 3 different sights. And all sites did not have any in stock, were on backorder so this might indicate a problem keeping up with demand, but at about $150.00 for this motor from Sears, could get quite expensive to keep this box going...PLease keep us updated and we do hope you bought an extended warranty on this wonderful frig???  G.E....:?

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thanks for the sympathy Pegi ...

ya ... I got the extended warranty - thankfully!

... what a joke that is, I'm convinced they make these appliances with an intended break down time span. I guess GE makes more on replacement parts than selling the *rap!

Wish I had seen the applianceGurus thoughts on GE BEFORE buying ... anyway, I'm just starting to make noise about this GE piece of work, and by the time I finish, its makers will be throwing new appliances and Bahama cruises at me ;)

I enjoy the site here - my regards to the "Samurai Appliance Repair Man" - haha - good to have a laugh while dealing with grief. Well done!

- further update ...

my Sears sales guy is going to bat for me to get a new fridge - Step one complete!

- Step two - Fax to Presidents office!

- Letters to Editors of local newspapers!

- Step three -!

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LOL.....hope they replace this frig, I have not seen any yet with this fan motor, nor do I want to looks like....:?....we can hope the replace it with a nice "Whirlpool brand of frig....this should be under Sears Lemon law.......

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thanks for the link ... :dude:

Maybe I'll give this one a whirl if Sears doesn't come through:


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