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Smoking Oven?

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Hello all,

Just wondering about fixing my oven, which since an overspill of grease, will not stop smoking!

I have cleaning all the inside of the oven, covered the grease trays for any future incidents, and still I get smoking from the roof of the oven, once the broiler turns red (thermostat to 400 F). Nothing seems to smoke till then, and then it seems to come from the pilot light area (top left hand corner of inside of range, near exhaust vent), and the area surrounding the broiler.

I've been trying several times over to get this to stop... I'm afraid it's simply a fire hazard. I haven't been able to cook anything, as you can imagine. Could it be smoke creosote that has formed from the grease spill incident? There was quite a lot of smoke that escaped via the vent, which was covered by an elemant stovetop cover...

Any ideas?


- JF

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

if the grease was spilled on the top,it may have penetrated the insulation around the vent,if your unit was made by g.e.,it has an electric smoke eliminator in the vent which will also absorb an amount of oil,if you have now covered your burner bowls with foil,you've cut off the air flow compounding the problem, you can euther put the thing on 400 degrees and open the windows and let'er smoke till its over,spend a half a day removing the liner and reinsulating as required,or replace the range. can't think of any other options.

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