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Microwave blows surge protection circuit

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This is a convection/microwave from our RV. We had a power surge, and now the MW has no lights on the touchpad display, but the interior light comes on when the door is opened. With considerable internet research, I have determined that the 'foil-type' surge protection had been blown. There are 3 additional slots for jumpers to be placed to restore this feature. I jumpered one of them and it promptly blew when I plugged it in. I have checked the transformer and the only problem is that there is essentially 0 ohms from the high-voltage tap to chassis ground. With the lead to the HV tap disconnected and also the primary leads to the transformer disconnected, I jumpered the next surge protection slot and plugged it in. The surge protector again blew. Since I only have one more slot to jumper, I'm seeking advice before trying anything else. Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks, C

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