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Dryer problem (Whirlpool LER5620KQ1)

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Let's see...

After I moved to a new house, it has trouble drying completely in a single cycle (even automatic dry).  Usually requires 2-3 cycles to dry things.

Popped the back off...

Unplugged, not running:

  • Element - 10 ohms
  • Sensors - short

Plugged, running (no wet load in it): (been around operating electrical equip a while)

  • 240V across element terminals
  • element heats up nicely orange-red
  • heater element cycles (30-45 secs on, few minutes off)

Any suggestions?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Ahhh, I feel that I am beginning to walk the path to enlightenment...

Lesson:  One cannot assume that the individual or indivuals that stucco one's house are not the product of brother and sister.

I assiduously studied the dryer venting section and made sure that the flexible hose (gasp, yes flexible hose, but what is one to do when brother of stucco-er puts gas line directly in-line with outlet from back of dryer) was as straight as possible.  I didn't even contemplate that the outside vent might be malfunctioning...  flapper door on vent was stuccoed shut along bottom edge, not allowing it to open properly.

and in the well known words of the two zen masters, Frank and Ed, "Thank you for your support."

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[user=353]Pyrroc[/user] wrote:

I assiduously studied the dryer venting section

Nice shootin', Hoss.  :armed:

Thanks for the followup report.

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