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clock on Whirlpool double oven

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A while back the clock on my Whirlpool RGF 700P-1 electric double oven erupted in an angry buzz with no provocation. This was not like the timer buzz, and the only way we were able to stop it was by disconnecting the clock altogether. My BSEE ex-mate pronounced the clock unit dead/unsalvageable, and I later located a replacement on your affiliate site and ordered it, after scratching my head a little about the investment in such an old appliance.

The unit has been "installed" and the button for the oven light is now functional, but not the clock. What can be the answer for this? Although I have succeeded in following your advice in repairing a dishwasher and a washing machine, my ex with all his electrical credentials took charge of this baby, and he's left that clock staring blankly at me with no prospects of stirring back to life. Any ideas?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I'm assuming that you checked to make sure that this is the correct replacement clock for your oven. With that out of the way...

That pretty much leaves only three possibilities: 1) mis-wiring the new clock (highly likely) or 2) you damaged the clock when installing it (likely) or 3) you received a defective clock (highly UN-likely).

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