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Frigidaire Dishwasher FDB989GFC2

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The top rack of my dishwasher is hard to slide and the guide rollers let the slide beam come out from between the rollers to the point where it needs to be disassemble to be put back into the dishwasher.

I was able to avoid a recent pump motor repair and would like to continue to use this dishwasher.

Is there a retrofit kit for this problem or a service bulletin to describe how to adjust the rolloers.

Much Thanks Great Samurai Repair Master.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Frigidaire has a kit that has all new upper rack roller and rail componets but I have no idea what the part# is, (I just installed a kit for a customer that had ordered it directly from Frigidaire), and have no idea how much it cost.

The upper rack rails in this machine kept falling off the rollers that are attached to the tub sides. The parts that are actually causing your problem are the 8 rollers attached to the tub sides, (there center hole wears out from use and they get floppy on there axles and let the rails fall out).

Here's the parts you will need:

8 upper rollers that attach to the tub sides

154213401 Upper rack track roller: $2.65 ea. CLICK HERE to order

The next part you will have to determine if you need or not. Remove one of the rollers from the side of the tub, if the screw/axle is all one part with the roller then you will have to order the new screw&washer kit for the new rollers.

5303943103 Screw & washer kit, upper rack roller: $13.35 CLICK HERE to order

Actually, now looking at the picture of the Screw & Washer kit it looks like they may come apart, so before ordering the Screw&Washer kit you might want to see if you can get the washer on the old ones to pop off so you can reuse the old ones.

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