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Guest Ari in Norcal

Gas oven not heating*******!!!*******

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O'Keefe and Merritt Oven/Range

Thank you for this excellent blog.

My problem: an oven that does not heat.

The oven/range: O'Keefe and Merritt c.1980

Serial: 30-6247-00/12169-11241644

What it does do: When I turn the oven knob, MOST of the time, I hear a 'click' and a second later the ignitor/glowing 'pilot' device comes on. That's it. No heating going on.

Learned: T-stat no longer available and no replacement. Valve is $162.25 and not in stock. And the kicker - I'm told that this model had a pilot, not ignitor, so there is no ignitor to buy if it is the ignitor.

Lead up: erratic baking experiences.

I thought it was the thermostat, but if I am hearing the click and it is igniting, it appears the thermostat is okay.

In any case, I am told by Poletski's the Eureka, Ca appliance repair center that the t-stat for this oven is no longer available and there is no substitute/generic part available.

I have not inquired about the ignitor or bimetal valve yet.

I do not have an amp meter designed to go around something...and it's not clear to me from the diagram where I would put it around, unless you mean to indicate around the whole section of tube/valve area?


Much thanks,

Ari in Norcal

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Dude, if you can't even get parts for this antique, how do you expect to fix it?

I can't find anything with the model number you supplied-- it's probably been deleted from the database.


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Hi Ari, This is Willie, we spoke on the phone about your problem.

Like I told you, I'm sure you have an ignitor problem --- everything you have said so far points in that direction.

Like I told you, I have the ignitor you need--- New $40.00, Used $15.00 and If you want me to come and verify and install for you offer still stands as to what I already offered to you.

Did you by chance maybe lose my email that I sent to you and/or my phone#???

If so, fill free to call: 442-0647 or reply back here if you want me to send the copy of the last email to you.

I left 2 or 3 messages on the phone# you gave me and you never got back to me so I assumed you had this taken care of.

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