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Fisher Paykel DEGX2 dryer inlet bearing removal/installation

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I am in the process of replacing the inlet bearing kit on my FP DEGX2 dryer, which by all accounts should be pretty simple. However, as I begin to remove the drum inlet cap screw (which should take about 10 turns) the screw continues to rotate without coming off. I fear that I am actually turning the entire inlet bearing assembly, which is giving me the sense that something is stripped as it has loosened some, but not enough to remove, and makes a lot of grating noise in the process.

Any help, manuals, etc, would be appreciated.


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from the DEGX1 & DGGX1 DEGX2 & DGGX2 Service Manual:

6.28 Removal of Drum Inlet Bearing

a ) Lift the lid.

b ) Remove the drum inlet bearing cap by unscrewing with a M5 or 3/16” Allen key.

c ) Remove the 5 screws securing the bearing retainer to the drum and remove the retainer.

d ) While lifting the drum slightly, slide the bearing and housing off the shaft.

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