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Thermador low simmer burners - strange behavior

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Thermador Model DP364GECS/02. Uses same low simmer control replacement module as many Thermador and Bosch ranges, I understand. Part 619016. OK, here's the story. Nothing happens on the two left units with the low simmer capability. Thermador man comes and with no voltage or connection testing says I need new simmer control module. Has to back order it and tells me feel free to seek it elsewhere if I need it sooner, which I did. Installed it today. Rear burner now works fine. Front burner lights sometimes and goes out, BUT even with both burners off, igniter keeps going off every minute for a few seconds each time. This continues without stop. (It's been 24 hours now.) Also hear a clunking inside, perhaps a solenoid. I've been reading alot of online complaints about the low simmer units and think there may have been some redesign as someone said both potentiometers needed to be replaced together with the SCM. Is my new SCM compatible with the old pots, and can I replace single pots on this side of range? Any advice would be much appreciated. I'd really like to understand this strange behavior. Thanks.

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