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Maytag washer Mav3955eww possible Snugger ring problem, need some help

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I researched some posts and have come to the conclusion that our Maytag may need a snugger ring replaced. According to the wife, the machine bangs incredibly loudly during a cycle and bangs the inside. The tub is very loose, so much in fact, that the tub will move to the side of the washer and I can look down the inside with a flashlight.

Ok, so I have the front off, and do see what looks like white PVC dust inside the base at the bottom. Also much on the floor underneath, I also see some black shavings mixed in also (on floor). I already ordered the snubber. Is there a detailed procedure to do this job posted somewhere? for example, to take the belt off, I just loosen the motor bolt to reduce slack correct? And I assume the whole tub/transmission/drive pulley comes out as one assembly. Whereby I can then flip it over and work on the snubber replacement.

There was also a post somewhere suggesting loosening the 5/16 screws (that hold the brake which is under 200 lbs pressure), about half way each until I can get the old snubber out, carefully of course.

I guess the first question will be to the experts here, is this a snubber ring the culprit? and needs replacement. Or is there something else?

I am not sure this is part of the problem, but in the recent past when the machine runs on a "normal" cycle, you could hear very loud squeaking during the agitation cycle. She would have to run the delicate cycle (slower agitation) to eliminate the loud squeaking.

Is this worth repairing? It was purchased used and is a commercial washer by Maytag? It's only 5 yrs old from date of purchase by the original owner.

I am somewhat mechanically inclined, but sometimes ones terminology in describing instructions isn't so clear cut with someone doing this for the first time.

I have no problem hiring a repair outlet to do the job, by I'd surely like to save some money if possible.

Thanks in advance,

I am some

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the motor is spring loaded, you just spin the belt off and on, as for the snubber, not all have to have the brake loosened to remove it

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