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GE side by side water dispenser line frozen repair

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I have a GE Model GSS25LGMA CC side by side with a frozen water dispenser line. I bought the dispenser tube heater kit from GE (part WR49X10173)for $69.50 (first mistake, saw it here for $54). THe part came with instructions which were last updated 4/07.

My problem is the wiring instructions that came with the part do not match the wiring on the fridge. The instuctions say to splice the heater kit to a red wire (Pin 2 of a 6 pin wiring harness) and a black/white wire (Pine 6). My unit does not have a 6 Pin wiring harness as depicted in the instructions.

Does anyone know which wires to splice into on my fridge? I dont want to guess and splice into several wires. My fridge does have a red wire and I am okay with splicing to it. The problem is, my unit does not have a black/white wire. It does have solid color black and solid color white wires, but no single black/white.

Please help. The instructions that come with the part are from Pub No. 31-46112, Part No. 197D7768P001, 07D-2215 4/07. Been given the run around with GE. If the part on this site comes with the correct wiring instructions for my fridge, will send GE back their part and order from this site.


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your schematic should be inside your control housing. it will shed some light on which is hot and neutral for your unit. or you can just check the wires you have with a meter. your just trying to find the constant hot and a neutral so the heater will stay on at all times.

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These instructions:

page 1 mentions the Red Wire and the Black Wire

page 2 mentions the Red Wire and the Black and White Wire

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