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bosch wfmc3200uc won't spin

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If anyone has any thoughts they would be appreciated. Error codes are E:04, E:20, and d:10. Motor ohms ok except for the speed sensor (i'm assuming it's a speed sensor on the back of the motor), I get no resistance reading on those leads. If the board gets no reading from that sensor will it not start the motor? Any help on the error codes would be appreciated too.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Readings should be from terminals 6-7.....1.8-2.1 ohms

7-8.....1.8-2.1 ohms

6-8.....1.8-2.1 ohms

4-5.....180-220 ohms

Error codes

E:04 bad control module or over sudsing.....(door locks because it thinks the machine has overfilled) been using too much or non HE detergent?

E:20 spinning aborted due to unbalanced load......could be an out of balance load or faulty wiring.

d:10 power limiter switch off....motor over loaded or in a bind.

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Thanks for the help on the codes. I miss typed though, should have been E:09 not 04. What is E:09? Thanks again.

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