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How to light over on antique gas Wedgwood?

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Thank you for any assistance you can offer.  I hope my problem is an easy one. I don't know how to turn the oven on after reconnecting the gas line. 

We have a big antique gas Wedgwood stove.  It has plenty of chrome, a griddle, four burners. It's old, but has been restored so everything should be in good condition.  Everything worked prior to this few months of being disconnected.

The pilot lights for the burners & oven are both on.  I've tried pushing the big red buttons inside the top of the stove that look like they are involved in this process quickly. I've tried holding them for a minute and a half.  The stove is plugged in. Plugging the stove in makes the red button pop out. No gas is flowing to the oven burner.

We are anxious to have our stove back.

Best regards, Zack

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