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KitchenAid fridge with foul tasting water

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We recently purchased a home and inherited a KitchenAid refrigerator (MODEL # KSRB25FKSS01) in good working order, except for the water and ice. After investigating I discovered that there was no water line from the water supply connected to the unit, which I promptly installed. Now the water and ice are flowing fine, but with an offensive taste. When I first tried the water dispenser the water was very cloudy and cleared after dispensing several gallons, but it retained a bad taste. Next step I installed and new water filter (original part) with the anticipation of having water without the bad taste. Didn't happen, still has a a musty bitter taste.

My suspicion is that the water supply line was disconnected for several years, with some water remaining in the lines to "ripen" or "grow stuff" that is now a part of the plastic tubing lending to this foul taste. As a note, the water coming from the water supply valve, before entering the fridge, tastes fine.

Questions / Options:

1) Can the water system be cleaned somehow to eliminate this odor / taste?


2) Do I need to replace all of the plastic water lines? If this is required, can you provide guidance on how and the recommended parts?

KitchenAid / Side by side / Model# KSRB25FKSS01

Thank you


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Yeah, what Kdog said. More than likely a moldy reservoir. Check the resevoir behind your crisper trays in the fridge section. Replace it if yucky, or you can try to flush the line by pushing vinegar or a baking soda solution through the line, let it sit for a while then purge the line.

Others may know of a better way to flush the line, but you can disconnect the line from the spigot and the fridge water valve, remove all water in that line, connect it back to the fridge water valve, use a syringe or one of those marinade injectors and shoot vinegar or baking soda solution through the end that is disconnected from the spigot. Reconnect line (make sure not to let solution run out) to spigot and turn on water. While looking at reservoir, dispense water until solution enters reservoir and then stop and let it sit. Next step, get a bucket and purge the line about a gallon or more. Repeat if necessary.

If replacing the reservoir or purging the line doesn't solve the problem, who needs refrigerated water anyway? You can get all the filtered water you need from a couple of six packs of Bell's Two Hearted, well at least on the weekends anyway.

PS Speaking of filtered water, I am assuming you did change your fridge filter....but then again....

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Thank you kdog and DurhamAppliance for the replies and advice. I checked out the reservoir and the tubing has some discoloration that I assume is a result of mold/mildew growing when the system was disconnected. I will go through the steps to remove it and clean it. If that does not work then I will replace with the part referenced by kdog.

I had replaced the old filter (left in for years I assume) with a new one.  Here's the filter I bought:



Thank you - will follow-up with the results.

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