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Samsung RS267LASH Refrigerator - both compartments warming up

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Looking for any help?

I have a Samsung RS267LASH side-by-side fridge freezer. The basic problem seems to be that it is not recognising the temperature is rising in either the fridger or the freezer.

Last night the front panel said the temperature is at the set temperature (-2 for the freezer and 38 for the fridge), but ice pops in the freezer were soft, so I know it is not correct.

I pulled the plug from the wall and waited 10 minutes.

Re-installed the plug, and the panel then showed the correct temperature (it was 30 in the freezer and 50 in the fridge), and after a short time it started cooling.

Temperature got back down to the set temperature. I had put thermometers inside to confirm this.

This morning it still showed it was at the correct temperature, but the extra thermometers showed it had warmed up again. When I unplugged it agan and re-started it, it is now 27 and 41. This time it doesn't seem to want to cool it down. I will be trying to re-set it again, to try and get it to cool.

I saw a link to a service manual in another thread, but the link didn't work.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I don't know the answer for that problem on Samsungs (maybe another Master does)

For manuals and lots of other goodies,

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I've been doing a lot of on-line research, and it looks like the most common fix for similar problems is to replace the Computer Board.

I'm assuming the sensors are all working correctly because the front panel does read the temperature correctly for both the fridge and freezer..

I'm assuming the cooling system is working OK, since it does cool when it is re-set (sometimes, but not always).

The fan does work. I've seen it working.

It is something common to both circuits (fridge and freezer).

A couple of questions of the experts:

1) Is it a reasonable idea to replace the computer board to see if it fixes the problem, or am I just going to waste good money. I realize it may be something else, but is it worth a try, or is it extremely unlikely to fix the problem?

2) The board in the fridge is a DA41-00104W (it was a lot of work trying to find it). I am assuming I should replace like with like. A lot of places I have found call out board DA41-00104M. Anyone know what the difference is? The latter DA41-00104M seems to be the cheaper of the two.

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Sounds like a problem with the fridge warming up in general, da? I would start with the basics before we start replacing parts: clean the condenser, make sure the condenser fan is running, check the frost pattern on the evaporator coil. Grok on these things, grasshoppah.

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