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Hotpoint refrigerator with abundance of annoying issues

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Several problems with this Hotpoint fridge.  I could get the model number if necessary, but I will start with the problems.

1 - Fridge freezes everything SOLID.  Not a little frosty or icy, but completely SOLID blocks of ice....even when thermostat is turned to the lowest setting, 1 or OFF, it still freezes all contents solid....which brings us to problem number 2

2 - The temperature control knob seems to do NOTHING.  I can turn it to OFF, I can turn it to 9 (coldest setting), or somewhere in never shuts off and it never thaws the contents out.

3 - towards the back of the fridge, on the top (which would be the freezer floor if htat helps indicate the location I am trying to describe), it LEAKS.  Water just drips from that area of the fridge (actually in the fridge, it is not coming from the freezer) and I have to have a jug there to catch the water.  Otherwise, it drips all over whatever is in its path and then I have a sheet of ice on top of whatever it happens to land on.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Okay, I got off my keister and got the model no.  CTX18LYYBRWH

thanks in advance for any and all help to solve these annoying issues.

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Ah, Grasshoppah, look beyond to where the many become one and you will see that all these seemingly unrelated problems stem from the same root cause:  a bad cold control.  Come git you one


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