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SubZero 590

2 posts in this topic

New Member- newb to refer. repair. Great site, learned tons from forums already.

I have a Subzero 590 s/n M597530.

No Auth. SubZ repair in my area, closest in 60+ miles and wants $220 just to show up!

My Story, ice-maker stopped working, called local tech. He broke the Pin for the lower evaporator cover just getting to ice-maker. Next he stated, Ice-maker broken would need to order new. In the mean time said I was also low on Freon and would "top-off." Never mentioned any leaks, I now start watching him closely. Had hose kit with gauges hooked up, when he brought in tank of r134. I said "stop" and asked him to leave.(Even a newb like me knew you NEVER mix 134 with R12- written on inside of freezer door.)

Stumbled on your site and started reading. Immediately discovered defrost timer not working(wheel does not even turn), top of freezer evaporator solid ice. Defrosted. Turned timer to click, Freezer Drain Assembly got hot, Coil on Freezer Heat Exchanger did not.

Finally, to some questions.

1) How do I check continuity/resistance on Freezer Heat exchanger? What should the Ohm readings be?

2) Bought two gauge manifold with three hoses (craigslist) yellow hose has end that would fit schrader, but threads to large. What size fitting do I need?

3) What should reading be at schrader?

Would like to order parts from this site, read SubZ now sells only to "select" distributors. So if this site or anyone associated has these parts, pls let me know. (anything to rebel against 'the man" and monopoly like policies.)

Defrost Timer- Original # 3081180 superseded by #7014648

8-Compressor Grommets #3150010 (Mine are hard as rocks and torn.)

2-Fan Grommets #3220160

Pin for lower evap cover, can't find # on Cosmetic or Sealed System view, may need to order entire tray #4151420

Freezer Heat Exchanger #7014067 (will need if existing is bad)

Found parts at West Coast Parts Distributor in Hayward, opened account to get 15% discount and use my reseller's to avoid tax, will wait to order to see if their are any sellers in this community.

P.S. Would love to get copy of SubZ 590 repair manual if avail.

Thanks for your patience, this is my first post. MD

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

newer serial numbers of 590's use R134

Icemaker is usually standard Whirlpool type

Parts / System info / etc.

SUBZERO 500 Series.pdf

link PM'd

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