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Fisher & Paykel ED56 Dryer

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Hi There,

I have a Fisher and Paykel ED56 dryer that does not seem to have adequate power to get the load started. The machine is about 6 years old. The motor, bearing, belts and pulleys all seem in very good condition. The unit only starts with very light loads. Heavier loads require a bit of assistance to 'get it going' - once its started it seems fine.

I've seen on other websites that this is a common problem, but have not found the solution. Can any one tell me what the problem is, I believe the motor is fine as once it gets going it operates OK and there is no noise as you would expect with a faulty bearing.

Can anyone send me a link for a service manual also.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

the motor capacitor is bad

a very common and generic item

its job is to start the motor , hence why the motor is ok once running

and is ok with a light load

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