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GE Microwave JVM1190CB001

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Eleven years old

Our microwave has gone dark

Power and fuse checked

Konban wa.

At 7 PM our GE microwave/convection oven warmed up dinner.

At 9 PM it was as lifeless as the squirrel out front that lost a race with a truck last week.

The wall socket has power. The internal fuse shows continuity. But that's about as far as I can get. Absolutely no sign off life (just as if the wall socket didn't have power, or the fuse was blown, which ain't the case).

Would appreciate any suggestions as to what to try next.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Food now cold two days.

Thread as dead as microwave.

In search of Master.

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Tranquility reigns.

Wife and son gone for all day.

Now can concentrate.

This is turning into an awful one-sided thread, but what the heck. I'll post my results in case a fellow apprentice encounters a similar problem.

With the house empty, and me not worrying about work on a Saturday morning, I revisited my troubleshooting in peaceful calm:

1. Power at socket? Check.

2. Fuse okay? Check.

3. Power getting from wall socket through fuse? Check.

4. Any sign of life at all? Lights, keyboard beeps, anything? Negative.

So there's gotta be another fuse or something that's preventing power from even getting to the more interesting bits. If the controller board were fried, I'd expect something to still work: interior light maybe, or the display showing Korean obscenities.

Found the envelope containing the schematic tucked inside behind the front panel. Calmly followed the paths. Ah! TCOs! Thermal Cut-Offs. (Hey, I'm an apprentice. A Samanera. If I knew this stuff cold, I wouldn't be logging in here every time one of my appliances went to join its ancestors.) Got my meter and on my second test, found that the vent TCO was open. Confirmed the problem by jumpering across the TCO and plugging the unit it. Satisfying beeps and fans and light.

So why did it blow? I have a theory:

This microwave is mounted above the stove. The microwave vent intake (and TCO) turns out to be located right above the oven vent outflow -- they are both on the right side of the units. Dinner that night? Broiled salmon. That broiler--which we don't use that often--was pumping out more hot air than a Massachusetts Congressman, and it was going right into the microwave vent above it. Result: blown TCO. At least that's my theory. (These are both GE units, and it seems like maybe their engineering and design departments might have talked to each other to avoid this apparent conflict, but that's a topic for another post. Along with: Why did the unit come from the factory with a 20A fuse when the schematic specifies 15A? Truly GE is mysterious.)

So although I didn't get any specific, tangible assistance on this particular problem, I still appreciate the Samurai's free, public, virtual Japanese rock garden here where we can come and, if nothing else, contemplate our issues in meditative calm, and perhaps be guided to an answer that we did not know was within our grasp.

Whatever. I'm hitting the Beer Fund.

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Wow, nice haiku. Much domos for posting the outcome and nice job on the repair! pejthcmc.gif

Feel bad that this one slipped by me. To make up for it, I'm PMing you the access link to the coveted Repair Manual Stash™. Kanpai! :cheers:

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Arigatou gozaimasu!!

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