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Replacing Hall Sensor on LG WM2277HW Washer

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Serial Number = 507KW01114

First up, this is the first time I've tried to work on a washing machine. I'm fairly handy, but still first time.

I've taken the cover panel off the back but do not see any part similar to the Hall Sensor I have for the unit (#6501KW2002A).

So questions:

Do I have to take the entire back off the washer to get to the Hall Sensor? Not sure how to do that, so any help there would be appreciated.

I've read other posts regarding the L3 error code and they say the Hall Sensor is part of the Stator. True?

Any step by step instructions would be appreciated. I can usually figure things out but it makes sense to take advantage of the deep experience on this forum.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... L3 error code

LE Error ?


The Hall Effect sensor is easily removed and replaced.

You’ll have to remove the rotor and stator to access the sensor.

The rotor is attached to the shaft by one large bolt.

When replacing the rotor, you’ll probably need a helper to hold

the drum in place when you push the rotor onto the shaft.

Otherwise, the drum may move forward enough to make replacing the bolt difficult.

The helper can also hold the drum from turning while you tighten the bolt.

Before going to this trouble, check the connector on the main board.

It is the red connector closest to the heat sink.

Pull the connector off and verify the board is receiving a signal from the sensor.

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Very helpful.

Just to confirm, the motor is held in place by the 18 10mm bolts, correct? I remove those in addition to the rotor bolt to remove the assembly and get at the Hall Sensor?


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A simple task.

Remove the ROTOR bolt (17mm)---an impact wrench works best. I used an 18 volt type.

Remove the *phillips* screw that secures the wire clasp under the motor (7 oclock location).

Remove all 10mm bolts from the STATOR.

Lower the STATOR onto the washer back (metal opening) and carefully bend/pry the *single* tab of the HALL EFFECT SENSOR ( not the 3 tabs on the other side of the sensor).

Install the new sensor & re-assemble.

NOTE: The new HALL EFFECT SENSORS are different in that they are unlikely to ever fail again.

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