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Kenmore 110.82822102 "check lint screen" light

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5-6 year old kenmoore elite dryer working fins then recently starts displaying "check lint screen" light and will only operate in touch up mode. Unit will run for up to 20 minutes, then shuts down. Dryer gets hot, sounds normal but will not accept any input except touch up mode operation. Was successful in entering diagnostic mode, with no resultant error codes and all buttons responded with beeps when tested. I replaced the main control board, but this has not corrected the issue. Where to go next?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Check / clean the Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent

Vent should be rigid metal.
Short lengths of flexible metal may be OK, if not crimped when moving the Dryer into place.
NO plastic
NO screws
Foil Duct Tape is OK.
With an empty load, Timed Dry, High Heat, the vent temperature should cycle somewhere between 135F and 160F
Disconnect the Dryer Vent and check for good air-flow there and where it exits the house.
Check the Vent air temperature at the back of the Dryer.


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Run dryer on a heat cycle with the vent disconnected and report back here at 1700 hours. Carry on, recruit.

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